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Portable Hand Drill Pump
Portable Hand Drill Pump
Portable Hand Drill Pump
Portable Hand Drill Pump
Portable Hand Drill Pump
Portable Hand Drill Pump

Portable Hand Drill Pump

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The hand electric drill pump is a cost-effective, durable, quality guaranteed, easy to use, and professional after-sales service.
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Depending on the power and speed of the hand drill, the pumping flow is also different. The power is too small and the pumped liquid flow is also small. The greater the power, the greater the pumping flow.
Power Speed Water output
120W-350W 1500-2500 20-30L/min
350W-650W 2500-3500 30-40L/min

Main Features

    No power supply is required, as long as there is a hand electric drill, it can be used. Water can be pumped without a power supply, which is convenient and fast, and it can be adapted to various drilling rigs only by installing the corresponding drill chuck.
    Made of ABS plastic, small size, lightweight, large flow, low operating noise, high efficiency. Durable and environmentally friendly, and will not pollute liquids. Exquisite craftsmanship makes it last longer.
    Connecting the water pipe to the nozzle can raise the water column without making too much noise. Note: During use, make sure that the joint is tightly sealed.
    Electric drilling rig pump is suitable for home, garden, and outdoor. It is an ideal choice for transporting light liquids such as freshwater, seawater, petroleum, dilute organic solvents, pesticides, and liquid fertilizers.

Usage Scenarios

  • Suitable for shallow wells used in ponds, pools, sprinkler systems, flow irrigation systems, gardening, rain barrels, aquariums, and agricultural environments.

Using Methods


  • ABS
Product Size
  • 13CM × 7CM × 8CM/ 5.1 × 2.8 × 3.1inches
  • Product Weight: 314G
  • Package Weight: 321G
Package Contents
  • Portable Hand Drill Pump × 1


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