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Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)
Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)

Indoor Cat Hammock(50% OFF)

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Your Cat's New Favourite Spot

If your furry friend is anything like ours, they love jumping, climbing, and finding the most ridiculous spots to hang out on! Made from the highest quality materials, the  Indoor Cat Hammock gives your cat the safest and best place to lounge in!

Passively Stimulate Your Cat

Cats require a daily amount of physical stimulation. If you work from home or are always on the go, the Indoor Cat Hammock will keep your cat busy and engaged in their hunter ways - saving you more time in your day!

Satisfy Your Feline's Natural Instincts

Naturally, cats are outdoor creatures who are curious about the outdoors. The Indoor Cat Hammock gives your cat a reason to stay indoors by giving them only the best of both worlds!

Save Space

Eliminate unnecessary clutter by replacing large cat furniture with the Indoor Cat Hammock. Purr-fect for cat owners in condos or apartments or for homes that just need a bit more space.

Protect Your Walls

Unlike most DIY (do-it-yourself) cat shelves, the Indoor Cat Hammock does not damage your walls and can support two averaged sized cats or 40lbs (20kgs) of weight, thanks to our industrial strength suction cups!

Note: Please be aware of low quality knock offs on other sites. We cannot assist you with these orders should problems arise.

Product FAQs

Unlike most other cat hammocks currently on the market, the Nymock™ easily supports up to 20kg (or 40lbs) of weight! In most cases, the Nymock™ can comfortably support up to 2 large cats, however, we do recommend grabbing a second one as cats are known to be very territorial.

Not at all! The Nymock™ works perfectly on any smooth finished surface from walls to windows, to stainless steel fridges if you really desired 😹

Setting up the Nymock™ has never been easier! Simply, clean your surface and attach each suction cup according to your desired height and location. Before letting your cat on it, just make sure that all air bubbles are removed prior to use.

For the best results, we recommend soaking each suction cup in warm water for a few minutes, patting each of them dry, and attaching it to a smooth and clean surface (emphasis on clean here!).


Yes! Simply slide the hammock off the bottom two suction cups and let the hammock hang parallel to the window whenever you need your curtains/blinds closed! This process can be done within a matter of seconds!

Materials: PVC, Nylon, and Stainless Steel

Dimensions (WxLxH): 15.2" x 21.4" x 21.1" (38.6cm x 21.4cm x 53.59cm)

Load: Up to 20kg (40lbs)

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